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  • Open-Die Products 
    Open-Die Products
    INNTECH INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD - Exporter of Open Die Screw
    Inntech International Co.,Ltd was established in April 2003 as a trading & engineering service in Taiwan. We approach our customers and suppliers as long-term partners as a communication bridge between them. So far,we mainly offer Open Die Screw...
    Stud Bolt,Clevis Pin,Pipe Nut,Hex Flange Nut,Shoulder Rivet,Special Screw,Insert Nut,Sliding Nut,Weld Nut,Hex Jam Nut,Square Nut,Special Washer,Wheel Nut,Hex Flange Bolt,Special Nut,Socket Set Screw,Flange Nut,Screw Eye,Special Bolt,Semi-Tubular Rivet,Hex Cap Nut,CNC Turned Parts,Stamping Parts,Wire Clip,Spring Hose Clamp,U Type Clip
    . We expect working relationship to customer not only alliance but also jount venture to pursue win-win business.
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  • Open Die Screw 
    Open Die Screw
    CHIN JAAN SCREW INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD - Manufacturer of Open Die Screw
    CHIN JAAN SCREW INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is set up in 1986. We manufacture all kinds of fasteners and screws that are applied for machinery, automobile, electronic, architecture, furniture, and decoration and so on. We main offer Open Die Screw...
    Dowel Screw,Stainless Steel Screw,Special Screw,Special Rivet,Special Bolt,Multi-Stroke Screw
    .What's more, we passed ISO9002, QS9000 certification in 2000. Our main principle is to offer our clients with down to earth, efficient, and innovative products and services.
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  • Open die screws 
    Open die screws
    Chih Fu Mechanics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of Open Die Screw
    Chih Fu Mechanics Co., Ltd is main products include standard or non-standard items of Open Die Screw...
    Special Screw
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    Chih Fu Mechanics Co., Ltd.

  • Open Die Screw 
    Open Die Screw
    KEY-USE INDUSTRIAL WORKS CO., LTD is a professional fastener manufacturer which has more than two decade years experience in this area in Taiwan. We specialize in the production of bolts and hardware. Such as Open Die Screw...
    Taper Pin,Square Head Bolt,Dowel Screw,Welding Bolt,Special Bolt,Semi-Tubular Rivet,Special Screw,SEMS Screw,Stamping Parts,T-Head Bolt,Hook Bolt,Stainless Steel Bolt,Wheel Bolt,Carriage Bolt,Brass Screw,Shoulder Bolt
    . What's more, our products widely spread in USA, Europe and Asia.
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  • Open Die Screw 
    Open Die Screw
    KATSUHANA FASTENERS CORP. - Manufacturer of Open Die Screw
    KATSUHANA FASTENERS a professional team-work group and the leading manufacturer specialized in producing Open Die Screw...
    Self Drilling Screw,SEMS Screw,Collated Screw,Nylon Anchor,Hex Socket Shoulder Screw,Thread Cutting Screw,Socket Set Screw,Drywall Screw,Self Tapping Screw,Particle Board Screw,Roofing Screw,Wood Screw,Masonry Screw,Furniture Screw,Stainless Steel Screw,Chipboard Screw,Machine Screw,Dowel Screw,Tensile Testing Machine,Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine,Hardness Tester,Cement Nail,Stainless Steel Nail,Bulk Nail,Finishing Nail,Hexagon Head Bolt,Hex Flange Nut,Square Nut,Rivet Nut,Hex Jam Nut,Flat Washer,Stamping Parts,Phillips Screw
    . The co-operative manufacturers, ISO 9001 certificated, as our strong background and supporting.An affiliated company production capacity can be around 500-1000 metric tons per months.
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  • Die Point Screws 
    Die Point Screws
    JC GRAND CORPORATION - Manufacturer of Open Die Screw
    JC Grand Corporation has been a leading fastener exporter in Taiwan since 1978. The company's production facilities has been through ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 certifications.So far,our mainly produce : Open Die Screw...
    Flat Screw,Truss Head Screw,Pan Head Screw,Oval Head Screw,Round Head Screw,Socket Cap Screw,Hex Socket Shoulder Screw,Slotted Screw,One Way Screw,Special Screw,Self Drilling Screw,Hex Head Screw,Machine Screw,Bonded Washer,Flat Washer,Spring Washer,External Tooth Lock Washer,Internal Tooth Lock Washer,Conical Washer,Square Washer,Hex Nut,Hex Jam Nut,Wing Nut,Hex Cap Nut,Square Nut,Hex Flange Nut,T-Nut,Lock Nut,Hex Coupling Nut,Hex Bolt,Eye Bolt,Hanger Bolt,Wedge Anchor,Sleeve Anchor,Gravity/Spring Toggle Anchors,Conical Anchor,Hollow Wall Anchor,Split Drive Anchor,Anchor Bolt,Bulk Nail,Wire Nail,Pallet Nail,Roofing Nail
    . We are equipped to produce both standard and customized fasteners that meet all industrial requirements.
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